Microblading started in Europe and was introduced to the United States just a few years ago. Our Esthetician, Shadoe, trained with one of the leading American Masters in the European Eyebrow Microblading Technique, Julia Anne Milin. Julia has perfected the art of creating symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, and creating realistic hairstrokes using manual needles.

What is Microblading?
Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that utilizes ultrafine needles to draw individual hair strokes with tattoo pigment. It has also been known as eyebrow embroidery, feather touch, microstroking, and has only recently been introduced in this country. It’s a form of cosmetic tattooing that requires specialized training and precise technique to reproduce the appearance of eyebrows by drawing individual, crisp strokes that replicate each individual hair. It’s useful in enhancing existing brows by enhancing brow definition, filling gaps, or extending the size and area of the brow. It’s also a popular treatment for recreating brows when little or no eyebrow hair remains.

How we do it
We will see you for an initial consultation to discuss the procedure, explain the process and decide whether it is right for you. At that visit we often perform color matching so we can give you the color that works best for you. We will then schedule the procedure at a convenient time. On the day of the procedure a topical anesthetic will be placed on the area to help numb the area and make it more comfortable. The outlines of the area to be treated will be drawn and approved by you. We then go to work, using a hand held tool that uses fine needles to deposit pigment into your skin, making a single hair at a time. In the first few days after the procedure the brows will look somewhat darker then the planned final result, as some initial fading will occur. A second visit is planned 4-8 weeks later to touch up and complete the process. Like all skin pigment treatments (tattoos, permanent cosmetic makeup, etc.) the colors are long lasting but will fade over the next few years. Retreatment may be necessary in future years.

Why we like this procedure
Microblading is rapidly becoming a widely requested procedure that has caught on because of the natural appearance that can be achieved with eyebrow enhancement and replacement. It requires skill, patience, and artistry and few people have the training to perform this treatment with the skill it requires. We are proud to be able to offer this treatment to our patients.